Give your landscaping a splash of instant color this season with strikingly bold plants from our annual section.


Our selection

Our annual selection is full of vibrant plants that complete their life cycle in one year. They perform wonderfully in container gardens and are the quickest way to add color to your landscape. You'll find flowering plants for warm & cool weather, accent foliage,  containers & drop pots, as well as hanging baskets.

Expect exciting new varieties and color combos as well as classic tried & true favorites. We pride ourselves on bringing in rare and unusual annuals that you can't find anywhere else!

Faces in the department

Laura C. & George are our primary Annuals plant care team members, while Janet & Mary are the artistic minds behind our fabulous custom containers.

All 4 of them have a wide array of experience in horticulture and are happy to recommend plants or help you plan your patio pots.


Learn more...

With so many options, how can you choose the right plant for you spot? Luckily we've compiled a handy list of annuals and a few herbs that are best for attracting pollinators, standing up to deer & rabbits, and deterrent mosquitoes!


Join Mary as we talk about building your perfect spring container. Greenscape has pots and hanging baskets for sun and shade, tall and short spaces, indoors and outdoors! Come browse our huge selection of ceramic and lightweight containers and fresh annual flowers if DIY is more your style. And don't forget the succulent pots or edible options!