Pollinator health is part of our mission here at Greenscape. We seasonally offer products that support our food web and bring you a little bit closer to the wildlife that surrounds us all. 


Bug Houses

Our Bug Houses come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, so they look adorable in addition to inviting beneficial insects to your yard! These homes are important for native bees to lay their eggs in, and many designs also have places for butterflies, ladybugs, & lacewings to overwinter too.


Local Honey

Honey made by your neighborhood bees is not only a wonderful anti-bacterial, but can be used in a variety of dishes, sauces, deserts, and more. The flavor and color can't be beat! Our honey is harvested in Valley Park and bottled by an experienced local beekeeper, Robert Cantrell.


The Bird Zone

If you enjoy watching songbirds, you don't need to attract them with birdseed & feeders. In fact, songbirds are highly dependent on fall fruiting shrubs & the seed-heads of grasses for nourishment. In the spring, they rely on native plants that host caterpillars - the main food source for their young. Find these plants and more in our designated "Bird Zone" & "Wingin' It" sections.