Book review by the Old Time Sign Philosopher

I must admit I always thoroughly enjoy a Clive Cussler adventure. In fact in the "Trojan Odyssey" I was unable to put the book down and go to bed......finally at 3am I finished the book but was unable to sleep because I was rehashing the entire story plot......How does he come up with these great story lines?

Once again Dirk Pitt in his James Bond immortality saves the world from apparent doom. Sidekick, Al Giordino as always is alongside his longtime friend with the added braun and experience. One of the most fasinating aspects is the retold version of Homer's "The Odyssey". IT MAKES YOU THINK!

Cussler once again weaves a spellbinding adventure. Without giving out too much of the storyline, I found the floating resort, the tunnel and the lost artifacts very compelling. The "super storm" in the aftermath of the recent Asian Tsumani added a depth of intrigue to the book.

The Old Time Sign Philosopher rates this as a FIVE STAR ADVENTURE.

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