Cool season grasses are starting to wake up and now is the time to start caring for your lawn care needs! The first application of crabgrass control should be applied between now and the second week of April.

If your lawn is in serious need of seeding---DO NOT APPLY CRABGRASS CONTROL--until the new seedlings are at least 1-2 inches of height. The crabgrass control agent will reduce, if not eliminate seed germination.

Greenscape Gardens highly recommends a second application of crabgrass control six weeks after the first application. We highly recommend applying (a crabgrass only product) if a serious crabgrass infestation occurred last year. The areas which should be reapplied include any sunny areas especially along sidewalks and driveway areas where the sun will warm up the area more.

We don't recommend applying pre-emergent control to zoysia and bermuda grass.
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