Greenscape Gardens is proud of our "G" guage railway. We have created "Barrett Village". This make believe village was originally in the neighborhood of Dougherty Ferry and Barrett Station Rd. Well, you might not find it on Goggle Earth or even Map Quest but the spirit of the village is still alive today at Greenscape Gardens.

Two large scale trains keep a tight daily schedule. The railway features one train which is the replica of the Rio Grande Durango Silverton Railway of Colorado. Take a note of the picture at the right and I'll also download a picture of the actual RGDS as it operates today. The other rail line display is the Atkinson Topeka and Santa Fe.

Barrett Station Village consists of the one room school house "Barrett School" as it would have looked in the mid 1890's with Miss Jill teaching the students their ABC's. Barrett Station straddles the rail line as the conductor waves to the westbound train. Several small businesses were incorporated in Barrett Village including the florist (the forerunner of Greenscape Gardens), the Mercantile, the doctor and dentist office, and the outdoor farmer's market. Several different styles of homes also graced this magical village.

Note the water under the bridge. Yes, its the Meramec River at Meramec Highlands. The 1890's was the heyday of the Meramec Highlands. Regretfully, most St. Louisans and even people living within 5 miles of the old Meramec Highlands don't know anything about this glorious era. The homes of Meramec Highlands are still visible today on the south side of Big Bend across from Greenbriar Country Club. The Meramec Highlands even had a train station which was just converted into a residence in 2006. I will publish some photos of the residence which Greenscape Gardens landscaped last year. Meramec Highlands was also the terminus of a streetcar line. The Meramec Highlands included a large hotel and dance hall. Greenscape's Meramec Highland includes the flowing river, a bait shop and some boys paddling their canoe.

Once the weather warms up sufficiently, the Greenscape Garden Railroad will be chugging through the make believe old world of Barrett Village and Meramec Highlands. We hope to see you soon! ALL ABOARD
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