1. Trees conserve energy in the summer, and thereby save you money. Properly planted trees can cut your air-conditioning costs by 15-35%

2. Trees help clean the air. Trees produce the oxygen we breathe, and remove air pollution by lowering air temperature, through respiration, and by retaining particulates.

3. Trees bring songbirds close by. Birdsong will fill the air as trees provide nesting sites, food, and cover for countless species.

4. Trees around your home can increase its value by up to 15% or more. Studies of comparable houses with and without trees place a markedly higher value on those whose yards are sheltered by trees.

5. Trees help clean our rivers and streams. Trees hold the soil in place and reduce polluted runoff into our waterways.

6. Trees conserve energy in the winter. Trees can slow cold winter winds, and can cut your heating costs 10-20%.

7. Trees fight global warming. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the major contributor to the threat of global warming. Trees planted near our homes and in our communities moderate temperatures and reduce the need for air conditioning and heating produced by burning fossil fuesl, a major souce of excess atmospehric carbon dioxide.

8. Trees make your home and your neighborhood, more beautiful. Trees mark the changing of the seasons, and add grace and seasonal color. Trees make a house feel like a home.

9. Trees are fun! Planting and caring for trees can be a great family and community building activity.

10. The most important reason is: We have one of the greatest selections of outstanding trees in the St. Louis area. Come in now for the best selections.