A Special Thanks To Our Community For Your Support & Friendship

The last two weeks have been a rush to get cleaned up after Hurricane Ike ("remnants") rolled through on September 14th. The 6" inches of rain in the gauge amounted to 2-4' of water. We truly appreciated the help from our team, friends, and community to get us back on our feet. Through hard work and determination, within 24 hours, we were able to ring out our first sale.

This was a test of our strength and resiliency, and through it all, we passed the test! Thank you to our community for supporting us, we are truly blessed that you are a part of our lives. We'd also like to thank the members of our industry that lent a hand to pull us back on our feet! Special thanks to Sandi and Scott of Hillerman Nursery whose help (& expertise!) was much appreciated. We value their friendship and kind spirits!

The fall rush is now upon us and we are fully stocked with loads of fresh color. We are looking forward to beautiful weather all week long!