Hope for Our Hero:

Josh Continues To Grow Stronger...

Many members of our community have been following the story of Sgt. Joshua Eckhoff since he was injured by an improvised explosive device during his second tour in Iraq with the Army. He recently was back in St. Louis for a wedding. Here is an email update from his mom, Jan:

Josh returned to Minneapolis this evening after thoroughly enjoying 5 perfectly splendid days here with friends and family. He was home specifically for the wedding of his buddy Theo. From the rehearsal and dinner on Friday through the ceremony and reception on Saturday, Josh was exhilarated. He seemed to draw energy from each encounter. It was wonderful to see the smiles come so easily and be so lasting. Though he was overjoyed with being part of Theo and Emily's celebration, he was also excited about seeing some of his buddies he'd not seen since Baghdad including the guys that commandeered the vehicle that got Josh back to the base. This two day event was chock full of emotions and probably the best all around therapy ever! The photos attached are especially for you.

Medically he is progressing well. He now wears the Bioness electrical stimulation for his foot all day. There is new strength in his left leg. He surprised me while I was helping him don the apparatus on his calf by extending his leg and pushing my chair back. I'd not seen him display that sort of strength on command away from the exercise weights in the fitness room at the hospital so this was a great smile maker for me. "It's coming back," he said with a sparkle in his eyes. There is also definite improvement on stairs. The arm is a bit slower. Another Bioness system works his hand and is worn for 30 minutes three times daily. That routine is new and he has just recently assumed full responsibility. He insures both systems are charged properly and must don and doff them himself. All this takes considerable time and patience when only one hand works. Josh perseveres and just gets it done.

Your prayers and caring ways bring inspiration and hope. Please continue to share and He will continue to bless.


May God continue to heal Josh and protect the men and women in our armed forces.