The trucks have really started rolling in now with tons of bare root and plug perennials. Today we received a load of unique perennials including Purple d'Oro Daylilies (the repeat bloomer), new Coneflowers like 'Tiki Torch' and 'Twilight', and more new colors of Coral Bells like 'Tiramisu'. Our current tally for different types of perennials we are growing this year is 531, so our selection this year will be better than ever and very diverse. Of course, we will have an extensive offering of native plants, habitat plants, and rain garden plants as well. This year we are growing our perennials in the same "High-Pro" potting mix that we grow our mums, this is made for us right across the river in East St. Louis. Little by little we are finding local sources for a lot of our plants and materials. It takes independent garden centers like us to help support local growers and nurserymen, when we source as much of our product them as we can, the more of a benefit it can be to the local economy. The same theory hold true of our customers buying from locally, owned businesses. These things just make economic and environmental sense!