Compost Tea Works For Me!
I was excited to learn about the newest garden “must-have” for 2009… a compost tea maker for the kitchen. It looks like a typical beverage dispenser, but this device makes it possible to turn kitchen food scraps into a natural plant fertilizer. When used as directed, it emits no odor. I plan on putting it under my kitchen sink so that it is out of the way, yet accessible for dumping my food scraps. I'm going to start with just using it for my veggie and fruit peels, but I may try other scraps as well once I'm confident with how it works. The "tea" can be used on outdoor gardens and containers. What doesn't break down can be tossed into your compost pile. This kitchen composter is available for $59.99, limited supply available. We also have a kitchen caddy that makes it easy to carry compostable waste to the compost pile.