Top Ten Plant Picks For 2009

With Spring in full swing, it’s now pretty clear what the top plant selections are for 2009. The results are now in and here are the top ten must-have plants to make your garden stand out from the rest!

10. Flapjack Plant- Kalanchoe thyrisifolia

Drought tolerant plants are in! Succulents like this one will thrive all summer-long with minimal need for water.

9. Snake Plant- Sansevieria cylindrical

Another great, low water-use plant that makes a great houseplant. Very unusual form!

Color is key in the garden… here are this year’s top color picks!

8. Lantana

Gardeners are looking to attract beneficial insects to the yard- like butterflies! This fabulous flower will be a magnet to butterflies and also hummingbirds! It can also withstand the hottest and driest of summers!

7. Mexican Petunia- Ruellia brittoniana

This amazing annual is loaded in purple trumpet-like flowers all summer. It was chosen as a “Plant of Merit” by the Missouri Botanical Gardens for being a great performer with very little fuss!

6. Diamond Frost Euphorbia

This little annual may look dainty and delicate, but it’s tough as nails in almost any condition. This one is another “Plant of Merit” and is perfect for containers and hanging baskets.

5. Coleus

This has always been an all-time favorite for gardeners, but look for new colors like the almost-black ‘Dark Star’ Coleus.

4. Kangaroo Paws- Anigozanthos

This plant, native to Western Australia, is sure to be a conversation piece in your patio planters.

Don’t forget about perennials!

3. Evergold Sedge- Carex ‘Evergold’

This grass adds a soft golden texture to the garden or to containers. It is sure to brighten up a shady spot under a tree!

And the top plants for 2009… are nothing new, but hotter than ever!

2. Sugar Plant- Stevia

This naturally sweet herb belongs in any herb garden. The new sweetener on the market, Truvia, uses stevia to sweeten your favorite beverages without adding calories!

1. Heirloom Tomatoes- or anything edible for that matter!

Many new gardeners are discovering the pleasure of growing their own food. Try varieties that are hard to find in the grocery stores or may be quite expensive when available, like the funny shaped, Homely Homer tomato or Grape tomatoes.