Backyard composting enriches the earth and eases land fill crisis. High-tech societies have been criticized for their “throwaway” habits. But there is one common “throwaway” item that can be recycled at home very easily---lawn debris composed of grass clippings and tree leaves. Anyone who mows a lawn can return valuable nutrients to the soil and helps relieve a landfill crisis. Mulching type mowers have been designed by many of the major lawn mower manufacturers. Homeowners can purchase these types of mowers which hold grass chopped into tiny pieces and blown into the turf, where the clippings decompose rapidly without adding to a thatch buildup. In fact, grass clippings return 20 percent of their nitrogen to the soil. By recycling lawn debris right now, homeowners can reduce the volume of throwaway material by up to 20 percent and extend the life of a community’s landfill. In return, recycled lawn materials are a rich source of nutrients.