Thursday September 7, 2000

Time to think about getting back home. We visited the Byrd Visitor Center which chronicled Shenandoah National Park. I personally found it appalling the way the Federal Government evicted the landowners in the early 1920/30’s to create the park. The National Park Service should be good stewards of this magnificent area but they have stumbled in their programs and resolves. The deer population is overwhelming and numerous deer/vehicle accidents occur. Trees are dead throughout but NPS prohibits cutting or removing as firewood. All firewood is brought in from outside the park. Bureaucrats.

I have never created a journal anytime in my life. Evidently the Appalachian Trail hit a nerve. Note: Meriwether Lewis never compiled his journals upon completion of the Lewis and Clark expedition. I did.Covering a whopping distance of 33 miles in three days, I classify myself as an Appalachian Thru hiker, actually I'M ALL THROUGH HIKING.

January 5, 2001