Harvest The Heavens: Rain Barrels

A couple years ago, my family and I were exploring a small town on a Carribean island when we came across a tiki hut with a sign out front that said "Sky Juice". We were thirsty and curious, so we bellied up to the bar and ordered our first Sky Juices. The smiley islander behind the bar quickly juggled a few coconuts, grabbed a battery-powered drill, made a hole in the coconut and inserted a straw, "One Sky Juice, five dollars, mon.
" Whoa! Five dollars for a coconut! We knew we were being ripped off, but the thought of drinking Sky Juice made us laugh and we had a great experience visiting with a local, small business owner. This little lesson from the tiki bar man made me appreciate everyday things more than before, especially when it came to one of most valuable natural resources... Water!
Water is the lifeline of our gardens, and on rainy days in July (like today!) you can see how a nice, slow rainfall revives our summer gardens in a very short period of time. Plants love natural rainwater, so why not try to collect more of it? Rain barrels make it easy to collect water and anyone can install them! Sky Juice is free and your plants will appreciate your easy efforts! Need more information? Feel free to contact me at and of course, rain barrels are available at Greenscape Gardens!