House Plants

Brighten up your home with beautiful plants that improve your health as well as the ambiance!



Is there any plant cuter than a succulent? We don't think so. And lucky for you, caring for them is simple too. We have a wide array of succulents & cacti starting at only $2.99! If you're feeling crafty, visit out terrarium corner and plant them up in-store.

These sun-loving little guys make great gifts for any occasion and are also fun in combo baskets for easy outside decor all summer!



Faces in the Department

Andy & Holly are our resident experts on houseplants, and can be found in the main greenhouse, ready to help you out. They have a wealth of experience and training, and can help you pick a winner, no matter what conditions you're working with!


House Plants

Did ya know that keeping houseplants can improve your mood, keep you from getting sick, and filter indoor air? Bring a little bit of nature inside and feel the benefits for yourself!

At Greenscape we offer houseplants for everyone, including low light and pet-friendly options.  From towering Fiddle Leaf Figs to miniature conifers for Bonsai, we have styling options in all sizes and price points.