Keeping yourself and your family healthy is fun and easy when you incorporate edibles into your landscape!


Our selection

With the growing popularity of wellness and organic foods, we're expanding our Edibles Section yearly. You can find everything from veggie starts & seeds to perennial fruits & berries, as well as herbs for seasoning & healthcare.

We carry local, organic, and non-GMO products from growers that we know and trust. Our varietal selections are ideal for this region so you'll have the best chance for success!

For peak Edibles selection visit us in Spring or Fall.


Faces in the department

Madyson is the Edibles Manager & a student finishing up her Horticulture degree from STLCC Meramec. She’s highly interested in food justice, traditional herbal medicine, and sustainability. You can eat all of her favorite plants, which include the Paw Paw and Serviceberry trees.

Laura C is a certified permaculturalist with 5 years of farming and garden center experience. She is well versed in the best varieties for our region in perennial & annual food crops.


Come see our demo garden!

Need ideas for your garden? No problem!

Come check out our various themed demonstration gardens full of delicious treats that you can sample on the spot. We have examples of biodiverse raised beds, unusual container gardens, edible landscaping, and home composting systems!

Click the link below for a veggie planting chart you can use in your home garden from our friends at Gateway Greening!


Homegrown tomatoes are truly the taste of summer, so take advantage of that heat wave and plant this super easy veggie! Learn the difference between Determinate & Indeterminate varieties and how to care for each of them. Filmed in our Demo Yarden, which is always open to the public for inspiration!