For gorgeous color in all shapes & sizes that will come back year after year, perennials are the way to go! Perennials often grow richer in color each year, developing strong root systems that can help improve soil quality and attract beneficial wildlife.


Our selection

We offer a fantastic selection of both sun and shade loving perennials that are hardy in our region. Shopping for perennials is a breeze because unlike other garden centers, we group our plants by the function they perform in your landscape.

Have pest pressure? Look on the Rabbit Resistant or Deer Free table. Want color all summer? Try the Rebloomers! Planning a rain garden? Follow the sign to the Moisture Loving table. Picking the right plant is easy as can be at Greenscape.


Faces in the Department 

Meet Dana - our perennials manager! Dana is the person with all the information on perennials at Greenscape. She is currently pursuing her certification in permaculture design and enjoys incorporating perennials into cut flower arrangements. She is happy to help answer any questions you may have about choosing the right perennials for your space.

You'll likely see Ann & Ryan in the perennials department watering and taking care of plants. Just so you know, they are awesome at answering plant questions. 


Find the perfect perennials

Need a recommendation? Click the link below to be taken to The Missouri Botanical Garden's Best Perennials and Ornamental Grasses  for Missouri list. 


Many of our perennials are considered Smarty Plants, or multi-functional plants that plants that provide both beauty and  beneficial ecosystem services. Click below for the full list!