Smarty- Plants Guide

These multi-purpose show stoppers are our top picks for form and function. They perform multiple ecosystem services and are always our first choice for your problem spot. If you want an easy option that benefits our environment too, check these out!

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Annuals Guide

Plant your annuals and herbs with purpose! This quick guide will help you select the best plant for the job. The list includes rabbit & deer resistant plants, mosquito repelling plants, & pollinator favorites!

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Houseplants with purpose

Many helpful tips on choosing, planting, growing and maintaining your houseplants. Look through our list to select for air purification, pet-friendly, low light, & low maintenance options!

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Deer Resistant
Plant Guide

Our “Deer Free Zone” List... this is a list of the plants that are least favored by the deer in our area. Includes selections from all departments, with a focus on perennials.

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Native Plant Guide

Interested in planting a functional native garden? For example, you want to attract hummingbirds, tackle erosion problems, or tackle dry/shaded areas - look no further! This guide, compiled by our native plant manager Sue, is a comprehensive list of recommended plants for specific uses and functions.

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Hummingbird Haven

One of our most common customer questions is how to attract hummingbirds to the garden. In this comprehensive guide, there are some tips and tricks of how to attract and keep hummingbirds coming back all season long. Also, we give you a comprehensive list of recommended plants from each department.

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Gateway Gardener

The Gateway Gardener is a gardening magazine that is a treasure trove of information for every type of gardener in the St. Louis region! Below are a few of our favorite issues where you can check out articles written by our very own columnists. To view the entire library of Gateway Gardener issues, Click Here!

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Tree Planting Guide

Planting trees can seem like a daunting task! So, not to worry, we have put together a guide that contains 13 detailed steps to planting containerized trees. These steps are also applicable to shrubs. Please pay attention to the watering recommendations, particularly during the winter. Many new plantings can struggle in their first few years due to lack of water, which is especially the case when we experience summer/winter seasons with extreme temperature swings and little to no precipitation.

Credit goes to the Missouri Department of Conservation for the 'Trees Work' Trademark image used here! Trees definitely do a lot of work for us, plant a tree today!

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